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The Rebellious Pet The Rebellious Pet by Samantha Cayto
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The Romance Review

Bend over and take it, that is all Joel knows as a slave boy to the much bigger and stronger alien warriors. Joel is an earth colonist on an uninhabited planet claimed by the Travian. Joel decides to get a group of his pals to cause some mischief. That totally backfires and now he is butt boy for thick hard cock. Too bad Joel is straight and he hates getting anally raped every night. This is book two in the series and I enjoyed it thoroughly. One does not have to read the first book to understand what is going on. Still, it is recommended to read the first book for continuity.

Let's be clear. I have no issues with m/m sex, especially when the bottom is ass raped every night. Specifically because Joel broke rules and he didn't think there would be consequences. Boo-hoo hoo. I think Joel deserves his punishment. Now, Ms. Cayto does a little sneaky thing. She writes in a backstory for Joel. Joel was abused as a child. I kind of feel sorry for Joel. Still, it does not excuse his behaviour which landed him as a warm hole to be used and abused. It is clear Ms. Cayto feels similarly since Joel is not set free when the Travian learn about Joel's childhood. What does happen is some much need cultural exchange.

Joel becomes an admirable character. He is a bit young and foolish but he can learn. His new owner, Arath, is an ambitious male looking to advance his career. He is also a good lover and is surprised at Joel's brutal introduction into the joys of manlove. This does turn into a sweet romance with a plot and more world building.

There is more female Travian presence in this story which makes the story interesting. The unrest between the sexes is also intriguing. Apparently, not all are enamoured with the matriarchal Travian society. I cannot help but think of the Star Trek Next Generation Episode, Angel One where the planet is ruled by women. One thing is for sure, the Travian females are deadlier than they look. After reading this book, I am hooked on this series and can't wait to read the next one. Recommended to m/m space opera readers who enjoy dub-con.

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