Review: Sexreligious

Sexreligious Sexreligious by Keiko Alvarez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Want to read a mind bender? Interested in having your erotic fantasies played out in an acid trip fashion? Welcome to Ms. Alvarez's world. Warning, do not read the blurb, just pick up the book and enjoy the ride. With Ms. Alvarez, I never read the book blurb anymore. I know the story will be wacky, erotic and arousing. She delivers again in this book. Another warning, if you are religious and take offense to irreverence, this book is not for you.

The main character in this book is Keiko. She's a business woman who travels for work. In her journeys, she keeps crossing path with a person of questionable nature and intent. This male proceeds to take her on a sexfest designed to make a woman pass out from satiated exhaustion. For those who enjoy a little "me time", this book is a good one. Each sexual encounter increase in the heat indicator which is appropriate as the male takes on a demonic presence. Whilst there is a bit of infidelity in here, it is presented in a manner which is sort of acceptable. Ms. Alvarez twists both reality and morality in this story.

This fast pace tightly woven sexual tale takes on a devilish subtext and Keiko morphs into a deviant sex bomb. The way the character, Keiko turns it around a bit and starts messing with the supernatural male, it is priceless. This entertaining tale is best experienced. The ending rushes us to an abrupt conclusion. Ms. Alarez's trademark is to leave the reader wanting more. I honestly have never read a story like this one. I've never read another erotic author who is as unique and creative as Ms. Alvarez. Her stories are one of a kind. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy all kinds of carnal mischief.

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