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The Stableboy The Stableboy by Gale Stanley
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The Romance Review

Ready for some porny goodness? Book three in the Scenes from the Underground caught my attention. Prison + reality star = m/m hardcore porn is a winning equation. This is because I can be bribed with good sex. This story is a little light in the delivery of sex. It can also be read as a standalone.

This story is definitely not porn without a plot. It is a stretch to classify it as porn which kind of deflated my interest as I realized this is more a romance with a bit of cop action. Perry is a naughty boy who thought he could live the lifestyle of a movie star and get away with it. Drugs, sex and orgies leads to cops raiding his sugar daddy and putting him behind bars. Perry's twink butt is in danger until he is cherry picked to feature in prison porn movies. With this kind of set up, I really thought the sex would be more graphic and hardcore. There is a little bit of sex but it is more mechanical than arousing. Mostly, this is because filming porn is not as exciting as the finished product. Still, it keeps Perry in a relatively decent situation.

When a new prison guard comes in and gives Perry a hard time, things start to get interesting. First of all, Perry is forced to work out and his stash of drugs are confiscated. The sweet scenes start in here and it is a bit odd. Second, Ms. Stanley sets up an anticipated deception to bring the dirty cops to light. The ending is a bit predictable. The characters all behave as expected and none are complex.

For those who are looking for hardcore porny non-con prison m/m rape scenes, this is not the book for you. For those who seek lost boys found with a budding romance, this is the book for you.

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