Review: Top to Bottom

Top to Bottom
@DelDryden @riptidebooks lovely piece of erotica where two women find each other again through D/s 

Top to Bottom by Delphine Dryden
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Lovers reuniting can be sweet or it can be trying. Drusilla aka Dru is recovering from a blow to her heart. Broken up with the loss of her wife, Dru leaves the place which reminds her of too many happy and wistful memories. Starting fresh again, and determined to carry out the dream she had with her wife, Dru returns to her hometown to open up Escape. There is another kink club already, but Dru's is catering to a different crowd. Surely there is enough room for both, right?

Ms. Dryden creates plausible and all too realistic conflicts in this story. As someone in the lifestyle who has watched a community torn apart when a new club comes into town, this story moves me. Dru's fresh start is constantly hampered by an old lover and hidden rivals. Dru's ex-lover, Amie, is a bit disappointing. For those who read the book prior to this one, Amie is the one who is being taken advantage of by her play partner and ex-lover. It seems Amie is taking a page out of her book and screwing with Dru's head.

The dynamic between Amie and Dru is jarring and shaky. Whilst Dru's growth and maturity is evident, Amie in comparison is still juvenile. The conflict is shown so well as Amie makes assumptions and doesn't try to learn how Dru's life has been in the years they have been apart. It is as if Amie believes no time has passed and she can just pick Dru off the shelf, dust her off and play with her again. This is infuriating for Dru, as it should be. Ms. Dryden does a good job of showing the complexities of lovers getting reacquainted and starting fresh.

The kink in this story is lovely. There are so few f/f erotica, let alone romances. Ms. Dryden's erotica is written with women in mind. This isn't a male fantasy of two women getting it on for him to beat off. This is a lovely piece of erotica where two women find each other again through domination and submission.

Whilst the romance is blooming, danger is striking by the filthy hands of the crazed saboteur. This is a kinky person's nightmare, being outed with their personal details. The heinous backstabber is a coward and a bane of the entire community, not just Dru's club. The way the disaster is cleaned up is amazing. I wish more communities would come together in this manner. This F/f erotic romance is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy lovers reunited themes.



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