Review: Kennel Bitch II

Kennel Bitch II Kennel Bitch II by H. Dean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me count the ways that H. Dean makes me cream my knickers... So, full disclosure, H. Dean sent this to me for a little "quick read". This is one of those dark kinks which totally trip my trigger to read and have "alone time". If you don't like bestiality, move along. If you are okay with it and enjoy degradation, read this free story NOW.

In this sequel, Lindsey is a little more broken in. This lovely piece of dub-con has her humping doggies and it is depraved and wicked. Loved reading from her perspective. It is just the right amount of graphic sex which is inherit to H. Dean's writing. The story moves at a quick pace as it whips up the sexual excitement. There is not too much of a plot, other than the office. As for character development, let's call it character regression. Some may argue that this is porn without a plot. Let's be serious here, who is reading this as the next great American novel?

If you are interested in the following:
✓ debauchery
✓ dark kinky sex
✓ degradation
✓ dehumanization

then you are in for a delicious ride. H. Dean is one of my go-to dark kinky taboo authors. His writing style is raw and guiltily pleasurable. I used to hide my enjoyment of these stories but now, I have come out of the dark. His stories are well written concise tales of erotic taboo. He isn't afraid to go where others shy away from. He writes what he likes and is unapologetic about it. This shows through his stories.

My only complaint? The story is too short. I wish there was more. This is definitely a spank-bank worthy tale which I will be adding to my kindle collection.

*Author provided to me for a quick read, didn't as for a review. I gave one anyway


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