Review: Laying a Ghost Boxed Set

Laying a Ghost Boxed Set Laying a Ghost Boxed Set by Jane Davitt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Traveling through the Highlands of Scotland whilst reading this box set makes it much more meaningful. Ms. Davitt and Ms. Snow do a fantastic job of capturing the brutal beauty of the Highlands.

Nick Kelley is a Scot returning to his ancestral home. He is a wanderer without roots until his uncle died and left him a house in the very rural highlands of Scotland. Without a mother, father or any other family members, Nick has nothing to lose and everything to gain. When he first arrives, he is befriended by John McIntyre. John is a closet gay man whose family has lived in the same place for decades if not centuries. John cannot keep his eyes off of Nick. Nick is unsure since he is not willing to be anyone's secret lover - an embarrassment.

This box set is marvelous as a reader can read through one book after another. This continuity brings the characters to life. The most impressive is the descriptions of the Highlands. It is realistic and dead on. So many books romanticize the highlands. Authors Ms. Davitt and Ms. Snow bring to life the harsh realities of living in the highlands as well as the rugged beauty. Yes it is an isolated area but for Nick, this is exactly what he needs. This is the nice twist: Nick sees dead people.

In a "Sixth Sense" thriller way, Nick relocating to a slower pace lifestyle with few tourists and few people dying or demanding for his special skills, it is relaxing bliss. Nick can finally breathe and switch to a much needed vacation. Still, these stories are not a tedious recounting of silence. Small towns do have their drama and everyone is each other's business. Add in a half-brother and two cursed ghosts, things can get lively.

Each of these books in the box set are well written and move at a nice and smooth pace. These books are to be savored and enjoyed. The character development is well done and the plots are well thought out. The erotic element is a bit lacking for me. Still, this is more romance instead of a kinkfest. For those who enjoy a slow romantic descent into love, this is the book for you.


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