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Bright Blaze of Magic
well written and transports a reader into a dark alternate reality @Jennifer_Estep #bookreview

Bright Blaze of Magic by Jennifer Estep
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Third book in this series ends in an adrenaline pumping conclusion. Lila is working secretly to destabilize Victor Draconi's plan to take over all the families. With the help of the other Sinclairs and secret relatives, she is so close in completing her mission. This story moves at a fast pace as Lila's past with the Sinclairs and Draconi are revealed. It seems that history is about to repeat itself and Victor will not be a happy man.

This story is filled with ruthless killing and families torn apart. The black and white in this story as far as good versus bad is interesting because the Draconi believe people are either with them or against them. No one is allowed to sit on the fence. When there are those who do not want to be involved or are torn between family and what they feel is right, where do these people fall? They are what Ms. Estep likes to call, collateral damage.

The guerilla warfare tale with Lila leading her team of rebel fighters contains all the hallmarks of a great young adult tale. There is an underdog hero, a quest, a love interest and a wicked overlord to overthrow. Throw in the murdered parents, star-crossed lovers and betrayal, what does this series not contain? It does not contain enough about the different creature. Whilst I enjoyed Lila and her fighting on the side of right, what I really liked was all the different creatures in this world. I wish to learn more about them. It is as if Ms. Estep hints at this hidden world filled with mystery and deeper meaning, but she whisks it away before we can learn more. Frankly, I could care less about the humans. I want to learn about the so called monster in the river. I want to know more about the different creatures that go bump in the night. Will Lila be the creature whisperer?

Overall, this story is well written and transports a reader into a dark alternate reality. This magical book is recommended for young-adult readers who enjoy strong female characters who do the right thing.

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