Review: The Harder He Falls

The Harder He Falls The Harder He Falls by Lynda Aicher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Poignantly displayed, this story is a tale of rebirth for Grady Kelley. This series is definitely a kinky m/m romance I can enjoy. The characters are well developed and pull at the heartstrings. The community of adventurers who enjoy kink is a fantasy come true. In this story, Grady Kelley is a masochist with a past. It is a bit alarming how he will not safeword and just how deep he wants to go. When he takes up with a hardcore sadist, it is anyone's guess if he will survive the encounter. Lucky for him, Micah is a sadist with a limit.

This story is moving because it shows a survivor's guilt. Grady is the sole survivor from his family. His family is wiped out by a tragic accident which leaves Grady traumatized, even years later. For Grady, he uses pain to help him cope. I'm mixed about using BDSM in this manner for most books. In this story, it works out really well. The BDSM is edgy and rough. The dynamic between Grady and Micah starts out with the physical part to SM and slowly morphs to include an intimate SM dynamic. I wouldn't say this is D/s or BD, it is focused on SM and it is done so well. Ms. Aicher shows it from Grady's side and how he processes the pain. It is also nice to see from the Top's side, Micah and how he enjoys doling out pain.

What pulls me into this story is how the relationship develops. The chemistry between the men is not a smooth and slow simmer. It is more a class five rapid then a sudden drop to calm still waters. This yo-yo effect usually leaves me in a dizzy spin. In this instance, it builds the sexual tension until it becomes a force of nature. Grady and Micah balance each other so well. Ms. Aicher's stories pull me in because of her character development. This m/m kinky romance is recommended to those who love happily ever afters.
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