Review: Heart's Desire

Heart's Desire Heart's Desire by Lilliana Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Addictive, fun and romantic all describe this series. In the third installment - a budding detective, Vickie, finally has her first real case. It isn't her being nosy and getting herself into trouble. In this one, a distraught widow comes to Vickie about her dead husband. She is also worried about strange things going bump in the night.

The book blurb for this story led me to believe there would be more marital strife for Vickie and her husband, George. Personally, I didn't see it. I see George being the ever patient and supportive husband. Vickie is actually using some good sleuthing skills to determine what is going on with her client. Vickie is her usual headstrong self and decides to plunge into danger with nary a backup or thought. Vickie kind of reminds me of Lucy in I Love Lucy where she has these good ideas but just gets herself into a pickle. As a reader, it is easy to predict what Vickie will do and how she will find herself in trouble. I am still undecided whether I admire Vickie for her determination or if I am embarrassed of her foolhardiness.

What I do like is Ms. Rose's writing style. Her writing is improving in each new book released. Her writing voice is easy to follow. The characters are amicable. The murder mystery is fun and the incorporation of Steampunk is a delight. This historical romantic suspense is recommended for those who enjoy steampunk plus a spunky amateur private eye.

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