Review: The Mediator

The Mediator The Mediator by Milana Jacks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Want something unique? Want something different and off the wall? Milana Jacks' first book in this series is totally different than most books I've read. It took a little while for my mind to wrap around what was going on. There are shifters and then there is "other". Jade is one of a kind. It is hard to explain what she is unless you've watched something like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. This first in the series sets the tone.

The world building is well done and pulls me in. In this world, there are demons (?), shifters and the hybrids. When there are issues with the in between, land, a mediator is needed to help resolve the issue. Said mediator is Jade. Jade is a special blend. Born a human but more, she is able to work within each group's rules. Her success rate for closing cases is 100%. But when she doesn't have all the information, it gets difficult to protect those that need to be protected. And it's hard to hold those who should be held accountable.

What I like about this story is that it is so unfamiliar, my brain has to stretch to understand what is going on. It is refreshing because I cannot predict what will happen; I'm just along for the ride. The ride is wild as the reader learns more about each group and what they find to be important. Hidden alliances hint at intrigue whilst powerful forces fight to take control of Jade.

The conflict in this story is well written and it ends with a question mark. It isn't exactly a cliffhanger. It is a hook that makes me want to read the next book and see what happens to Jade. What will happen to the one other person like her? Will that person be left alone? Jade may have uncovered a plot to control shifters and take their land, but it isn't over yet. This strangely intriguing urban fantasy is filled with twists and turns that delight me. Recommended for urban fantasy readers who are looking for something different.

* provided by the author for an honest review.


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