Review: Mr. and Mr. Smith

Mr. and Mr. Smith Mr. and Mr. Smith by HelenKay Dimon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This title conjures up Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt going "Who's your Daddy" as they duke it out. A new to me author, Ms. Dimon definitely brings in her A game as she seduces me with a delicious spy novel. I love spy stories and this new series is one I'm keeping my eye on. This first book is filled with betrayal and cross agency posturing. Fisher Braun is part of a covert up trying to bring down a secret organization that no one is admitting as real. He finally gets his in and he is unfortunately outed. This is a problem as his outing is not a slow torturous death nor is it a quick two tap to the head. Instead, he will be auctioned off to some crazy person who will do whatever they want with Fisher. Unfortunately, this is not that kind of dark non-con BDSM book. Instead, it is focused on spy games and how to survive them.

The question is, will Fisher survive a broken heart when he learns his geeky sweet boyfriend, Zachary Allen is just another spy? For those who enjoy intrigue, this is the book for you. Those who also like secret agents falling for each other with a mm twist, this book is for you. The feel of this book is similar to Ty and Zane books, but not as action packed. The characters, Fisher and Zachary are memorable, but not as deeply developed as they can be. Still, this is the first book in the series so it is very possible readers will learn more about Fisher and Zach in the following books.

The conflict in this story is nicely set up. There are some hurt feelings which felt a little blown out of proportion because these characters are in the spy business. Did they not know that they would play the honey pot or be played by a honey pot? It seems a bit overly much when it came to the outrage and railing about "he really didn't love me" from Fisher. Overall, this still is a smexy book with two dangerously trained men wanting to get their own way. Recommended to m/m readers who enjoy spy suspense with a happily ever after.

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