Review: Star Crossed

Star Crossed Star Crossed by Emma Holly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Sultry, suspense and star-crossed! I read the blurb and I thought, I have to read this to see what Ms. Holly does to crank up the sexual tension.

A.J. Hoyt is woman who is strong and will take no crap from anyone. She's been kicked down before but it didn't put her down. She came back up fighting and still finding a way to do what she loves. She may no longer have a badge in law enforcement, but she can still work a case better than others. She has the connections and she knows how to pay attention to the details to find clues that others miss. Moving on from her law enforcement days, she now works in the private sector for a security company run by her father. When her latest assignment takes her back to a lover she had to let go, it may be her chance to find love again.

Ms. Holly delivers another sexy erotic story about two tough characters. Both A.J. and Luke are stubborn and used to getting their way. Their chemistry is blazing hot and everyone around them is impacted by their sexual tension. The sex is, as always, fabulous with erotic scenes designed to raise the body temperature of the reader.

What I liked about this book is that it is more than just an erotic sex fest. Ms. Holly develops her characters. The motivations and back story build a solid picture of both A.J. and Luke. Their past is what makes them who they are today. Their maturity through past experiences are shown as they handle problems and communicate with each other without whining or drama. Sure, it is probably not recommended to sleep with the client, but that is what makes this story naughtily illicit. Dancing this fine line is appealing and generates a feeling of wicked fun. Ms. Holly gives a mischievous wink as she invites the reader into her world of blurring the lines and enjoying life with passion and intensity.

This erotic romance is recommended for readers who like lovers reunited at the right time.


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