Review: Test Drive

Test Drive Test Drive by Marie Harte
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When it comes to sizzling sexy scenes, Ms. Harte is a sure bet. In this new series, Body Shop Bad Boys, Ms. Harte brings forth another lovely set of bad boys who have a heart of gold. This first book, Test Drive features Johnny Devlin. Johnny is not a complicated man. He loves women and he loves his father. Despite his stereotypical job as a tough manly car mechanic who moonlights as a bouncer at a striper club, he is no chauvinistic  jerk. He is all about empowering women and protecting them when they need a little bit of help. Johnny is a sweetheart.

This story is character driven with the romantic tension between Lara Valley and Johnny Devlin. Their mating dance is amusing and easy to relate to. In this contemporary romance, the people are down to earth and easily someone readers can either identify with or see as a friend. These characters are flawed and this is what makes them endearing. As the reader learns more about Johnny and Lara, one cannot help but want them to work out. It is nice to see characters who communicate and when things go wrong, they may take a step back, but they try again. There are no contrived conflicts through stubborn miscommunications which is a relief. Instead, the realism in a relationship with its ups and downs showcases how love can be messy and end with a happily ever after.

The sex in this story is smoking hawt. Even when it is just with a plain old male and female without any kink, Ms. Harte excels at bringing out the sexy time. This is a nice panty wetting erotic tale to bring a smile to a reader's face. This erotic romance kicks off a great new series and is recommended for everyone.

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