Review: To Love a Wolf

To Love a Wolf
filled with sexy hawt men and the women who bring them to heel #bookreview @PaigeTyler

To Love a Wolf by Paige Tyler
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This series just gets better and better. Ms. Tyler is an automatic read for me. Her Special Wolf Alpha Series is filled with sexy hawt men and the women who bring them to heel. This story can be read as a standalone but it will be better if read in order because of the characters in the SWAT team. In the this latest installment, Cooper finds his "One". Everly is the one Cooper wants but there is a problem. Her family knows about werewolves and they hate them. Not just hate them, but turns into savage killers hates them. They have reason to and it is a secret which they keep from Everly.

The romance in this story is filled with tension. Between the sexual tension and family conflict, it adds a level of heat and frustration for the two characters. I like this because it invokes more emotions in me so that I enjoy the story better. I have liked Cooper since the beginning. Eager to see "his book", I was a bit stunned to see where this story went. I didn't realize it was going to be a Romeo Juliet type of theme. This is a hard conflict to overcome because both sides of the story have their merit. It is hard to be upset with Everly's family when her past is revealed. However, this is a case with a more subtle message. For me, it is, just because one person from a group of people does something bad, doesn't mean everyone in that group is bad. I like this message and how Cooper demonstrates he is more than worthy to be the man for Everly.

The suspense part of this story with the whole crime fighting is something I still adore. I really enjoy when the story incorporates the SWAT team's job. Having cases and insight into the inner workings of an elite team keeps me interested and wanting to learn more. It is obvious Ms. Tyler researches and knows her material. This adds a layer of authenticity which enables me to enjoy the book even more. Between the well written plot and the character driving story, this book will lure a reader to read it from beginning to end without stopping. Recommended to romantic suspense readers who enjoy shifters who are star-crossed lovers.

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