Review: By the Embers Dies the Fire

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By the Embers Dies the Fire by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Book 9 in this fire breathing dragon and wolf series picks up right after book 8, Power of Three. This is another fabulous book with more of the cockatrice history and secrets are revealed. This book is when we really get to learn how it all started. I have to say, really? This is all because of daddy issues and an asshat king who didn't realize his daughter would be butt hurt for being excluded? Wow. Then again, family feuds and generational wars are started over perceived slights and hurt feelings. Learning how the cockatrice came about is a bit dumbfounding. And yet, it works out so well because it follows the tone set in this series … pettiness and capriciousness.

Elain is the one who tries to rise above all of this and figure out how the world may end. With the premonitions and the need to stop Armageddon, Elain starts crossing a few lines. Lines of loyalty to her family and loved ones are dangerous to blur and yet she keeps on doing it. Will they forgive her for keeping things from them? Is it the intentions that count? By now, Elain is starting to understand Baba Yaga much better. What is scarier is that Elain is rapidly following in Baba Yaga's footsteps. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

This book is the beginning of the end based on what I'm reading. Many of the open threads are being tied off and answers long coming are finally arriving. An ancient anger is unraveling and who knows what will happen when it all comes tumbling down. The story moved along quite rapidly and several subplots which have been simmering and just ready to boil over have now overflowed. Specifically, Brighton and his paranoia forces Elain to do something she doesn't want to do. On top of it, some of their actions have inadvertently caused another grudge to arise. It seems this is a never ending saga of lovers betrayed, families torn apart and fathers who are assholes.

This story is a thrilling ride and when it ends, it leaves a reader shaking with the adrenaline rush. Ms. Dalton pens yet another great action-packed paranormal romance. This is highly recommended to those following this series; it is not to be missed.


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