Review: Caged Killer

Caged Killer Caged Killer by Erin M. Leaf
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review
Erotically mind blowing and dark, Ms. Leaf seduces me again with her sexually charged m/m erotica. For those looking for a happily ever after or some sweet loving, leave now. This tale is for those who enjoy a bit of the dark side with some of my favourite edgeplays: blood, knife and breathplay.

This story starts at a slow sensual simmer and quickly heats up to a blazing hot kinky blaze. If Ms. Leaf would have thrown in some fire play, I would have melted into an overcharged sexual puddle. This tale isn't about kink. It isn't about sex either. What Ms. Leaf does is weave a story of suspense with kinky seduction. When men seek vengeance, it can become a bloody war, especially when they are doling out justice for a loved one killed.

Mick is the kind of man who has nothing to lose. Because of this, he takes things to the edge and to all outsiders, he is uncontrolled. In reality, Mick is tightly controlled chaos and fury. I love this about him. When he pulls in Knox who can't resist the kind of dangerous play Mick excels in, it is explosive.

The chemistry between Knox and Mick is almost physically palpable. It is like watching two caged tigers fighting for dominance. The underlying erotic power struggle between these two men just make the book all that much hotter for me. This story may be short in length, but it packs a lot in and is rich with character, plot and sex.

Highly recommended to m/m readers who enjoy a dark erotic read with two sexy men succumbing to their mutual attraction. Where's the next book with these two characters?


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