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Careful What You Ask For @candaceblevins Must read paranormal erotic with lovable characters and fabulous sex #5star #erotic 
Careful What You Ask For by Candace Blevins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Buy this book now! I've read this book about 8 times since I received it for beta review. Ms. Blevins writes another phenomena erotica with character development, world building and a great plot. This is as close as she gets to vanilla sex! Do not fret kinky readers, there is enough rough sex to keep you humming.

This story focuses on Briana who I thought was a throwaway character in a couple of other books. She is young (19) and desperately wants to be able to shift into her wolf. Her parents are wolves. Her brothers shift into wolves. She is the only stuck in human form even after trying to force the change through a shifter biting her. This is her last chance. She is trying to get a bitten shifter to bite her instead of a born one. Maybe this will be the one which makes her two forms finally come together.

Why is this so important? Ms. Blevins does an amazing job of showing the hurts of a young girl. Actually, any young child who is loved and part of a greater family only to be shut out when she isn't one of them. So far this is a no win situation because Randall, the pack alpha, does not want non-shifters to pine away where they can never achieve what other shifters can do. Forcing them to be in the human world is slowly bleeding them out. I get Briana's feelings of rejection. The subtle ways she is treated as an outsider or lesser class hurts her at a core level. Ms. Blevins shows how something as simple as which door she is allowed to enter into, because of her shifting status, can damage the relationship between her and the pack. This book really delves into the werewolf protocols and its world more. I liked it because we were able to see both sides. We are able to see Briana and how she's been treated. In the same breath, we can see what Randall needs to do to keep his pack safe and strong. Because another pack who doesn't follow the rules, provides an excellent contrast in lack of health and instability.

Whilst the main character is Briana, Randall's part is by no means small. He is only featured a few times and each one is key. This story out of all of them in this series makes me like Randall more. We get to see the human side of him and how he tries so hard to be fair. He needs to enforce rules even when he doesn't like them because of the greater good. On one hand we have the individual's needs and thoughts from Briana. On the other hand, we have the collective well being which Randall is responsible for keeping safe. When they clash, it seems the conflict may be too much to overcome. This is where Ms. Blevins excels her her plot. She creates an out that works for everyone. Everyone gets a little of what they want and need. Past hurts and slights are on their way to heal.

What I really loved about this story is the healing of Briana. She is a young girl who has it all together. She made it on her own and even though she knows she has a few hang ups, she works through them. She is sexually exuberant and she accepts the consequences of her actions. I love her. She is one of my favourite characters now. Honestly, Ms. Blevins writes characters I love, even when I hate them a bit in other stories. The ability to show both sides, maybe even more than two sides to a person is her strong suit. These characters are multilayered who are relate-able. This series is filled with people who could be you or me. They aren't rich. They aren't perfect. And they aren't complete losers either. They are normal people (as normal as changing shapes can be) who want a better life. Briana wanted something more and she worked for it. She received a lot more than she asked for... which is amusing.

The sex in this story is FABULOUS! I must confess I am quite jaded when it comes to reading sex scenes. More and more, I skim through them and *yawn*. It isn't to say that most authors suck in their sex scenes. It's just that I've read too many sex scenes and they don't trip my trigger. Ms. Blevins is one of the few who still melt my panties. The men are dominant without yelling, "I'm an alpha dominant! Submit to me!" Instead, they take control and just make me melt into a puddle. I love most of her men even when they are kind of a jerk when they want a blow job. It is a love hate relationship at times for me. Probably because I'm not 100% submissive. The sex scenes in this story are smoking hawt and not to be missed. There is just the right amount. Whilst there is a bit of SM, there is more BD and D/s which I like.  The cage had me over the moon.  The chain was also pretty hawt.  It seems having sex with a shift is a treat because he can be sized to order. *wink*

I highly recommend this paranormal erotic. For those who want a fun time with great characters and a plot, this is the book for you. It can be read as a standalone. Beware, if this is the first book in the series you pick up, you probably will pick up the rest of the series. It is that good.

* Gifted by the author for an honest review


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