Review: Floating Alone

Floating Alone Floating Alone by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This water based shifter arc is so good. In the latest one, we have a manatee shifter. Woohoo! I love manatees. Marina is not only a manatee ahifter, she is a marine biologist who works to save those damaged by boats. I have see the damage done by boats and it is horrendous. Ms. Masters does another excellent job with her blending of realism and fantasy.

Marina is special because she is not exactly a human but not all shifter. Her past very much dictates what she decided to do with her life. I am impressed. Her cause is good and she is absolute fierce in her dedication. When Irdan plunges her life and makes huge waves, she goes with the flow for a bit. Then she pulls back and finds her safe harbor. What is missing in th is story is more interaction with her father. It is clear there is more story to there past. It is hinted at and quickly stated instead of shown. Although this could be because the focus is on Marina and Irdan's super fast wedding.

I enjoyed the metamorphosis of Marina to her powerful water guardian state. It is striking and so satisfying. I only wish I could be the same. This short paranormal romance is recommended for readers who enjoy water shifters with a mythological twist.

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