Review: Inside the Lines

Inside the Lines Inside the Lines by Ally Bishop
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

A domme who turns out to be secretively submissive, how many times have we seen this one happen before? More oft than not. Mistress Hathaway is a domme in demand. Many submissives make good use of her professional dominatrix service. And it is a service she gladly provides and makes a good living doing it. It is a job with heady power trips mixed in with sensual delights. This is not to say Mistress Hathaway sleeps with her paying customers, but the intimacy does develop at times. One in particular is her new client, Fin MacKenzie. He is seducing Mistress Hathaway to break a few of her rules.

From a characters in this story were okay for me. I didn't really like or dislike either characters. I do dislike the way a domme is portrayed in this book. It is probably pedantic of me to prefer she identify as a switch. The issue I take with Mistress Hathaway is that it insinuates that a woman dominant is really just a submissive hiding in a wolf's skin. Since I know more female dominants who have not a single submissive bone in their body, this stereotype tends to grate after awhile. The BDSM in this story is fine. It's light in some ways and to be expected from an erotic romance spicing it up with a bit of kink. Overall, the story is a quick read and a bit forgettable. Nothing sticks out about it as innovative or unique. Still, it is a sweet erotic romance for those interested in more than vanilla sex.

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