Review: Kept

Kept Kept by Maya Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Featuring the silent and steadfast friend of Drake, Silas meets the woman of his dreams. This dream seems out of reach for a man of his past. He was dealt a bad hand with his despicable parents and the so called child protection services. Ms. Banks appears to be upping her usage of tortured pasts. Perhaps this series should really be called alpha hot guys who have terrible childhoods. It is what binds these men all together.

Haley is a bit better than Evangeline. She may be all alone in her life, but she is determined to make it. She fights for everything. She is the underdog and so scrappy. I love that she is a musician. Her violin playing soothes the savage beast within Silas. Their dynamic does follow the same formula as the previous book in the series. A secretive male afraid of weaknesses shuns relationships only to fall head over heels in love with a young and innocent girl.

This series is advertised as BDSM. Meh, kinky light with a little flogging and a vanilla interpretation of a dominant man. The BDSM is romanticized and sweet. The sex scenes were a little too tame for me and I could have done without them. I do not read Ms. Banks' books for the sex. I only read it for the engaging characters and story-line. This erotic romance is recommended for romance readers who like angst ridden story-lines.

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