Review: Lost Bird

Lost Bird Lost Bird by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Lost bird is a moving and slightly cathartic romance. This tale starts off right after the first book in this series. This can be read as a standalone but it is not recommended. Sachi, princess of snark, from the previous book now features front n center. Still trying to recover from a horrendous blast from her past, the last thing she wants is to start dating. When two hunky men fall into her lap, who is she to say no?

The pace of this story is a nice easy amble. Even if the relationship develops quickly and the sex is frenetic, the plot moves smoothly. John and Oscar are the men who can handle Sachi's snark and dark past. The healing theme in this series continues with John and Oscar's patient loving and Mandalines pushy encouragement. What make this story so feel good is the camaraderie and family support. There is little drama which is refreshing.

I enjoyed the focus on Sachi and her skeet shooting. This ties in nicely with her past as well as shows readers how shooting can be fun and a sport. The way Sachi excels at this, teaches and could compete in it impresses me. Also, learning more about skeet shooting had sparked my interest and now I want to go try it out.

The humour in this book keeps the story from going too depressing and somber. Honestly, how can one keep a straight face when a group of friends appeal to “Dildous” for orgasms and then meditate on it? This tale is filled with love, snark, painful memories, sexy interludes and a bit of fun. Highly enjoyable and recommended to mfm menage readers.

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