Review: Love Strong as Death

Love Strong as Death Love Strong as Death by Jane Davitt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

No good deed goes unpunished. Nick is an established writer and his time seeing and helping ghosts rest is in the past. Living in a small village in Scotland, he is blessed with peace and quiet. Enjoying life with John has dulled Nick's defensive skills. Namely, when a ghosts hitchhikes home with him, Nick is sorely out of practice. This is a major problem as the ghost is determined to get what it wants.

What happens after the happily ever after? Authors Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow show Nick's idllyic life disturbed by a violent force. It is almost like Nick is starting from square one again. He makes rookie mistakes which pull both John and him into danger. This story is good in some sense as well as frustrating. Good because the love between Nick and John is still strong. Frustrating because Nick knows better and yet he gives his all to a ghost who is only interested in taking.

The set up and conflict works. What catches me off guard is how quickly the story concludes. It is so easy in resolution, it makes a reader wonder why Nick and John didn't do it in the first place. Of course, then there would be little story to tell. Still, fans of this series will enjoy a return back to a loving couple. For those who have never read this series, start at the first book. It will make a lot more sense.

This m/m romance is recommended to readers who enjoy ghost stories.


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