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Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Estranged family members and reconciliations is what this latest book is all about. Authors Ilona Andrews delivers another fabulous book in this series. As soon as the book came into my hands, I read it. I put everything on hold and read the book from beginning to end in one sitting. Then I re-read three times. Buy this book now, it is a must read. Technically, this book can be read by itself as Ilona Andrews provides enough background from the previous books. My recommendation is to read every book in this series in order because it not only makes more sense but because it gives a deeper understanding of this world.

In this book we learn even more about Kate's family history. The world building is incredible. The attention to detail to weave a biblical past into an urban fantasy is impressive. Learning about Kate's family and how they came to be adds another dimension to this series. It shows how those with absolute power can be corrupted absolutely. Kate's father, Roland, is a megalomaniac. He features more in this book than the previous one and it is riveting to see how he compartmentalizes Kate into different categories. There is Kate, his beloved daughter. There is Kate the challenger and threat to his power. There is also Kate, his proud progeny who is exhibiting more power than imagined at a young age. For some readers, Roland's conflicting attitude and how he treats Kate may be frustrating and confusing. For me, it is oddly logical and makes so much sense. Not sure if this is a commentary on how my brain works or if the authors are just this bloody good. I prefer to go with the latter. Roland is a complex character who should have relinquished his control and passed the mantel to his children. Unfortunately, something went wrong both with him and his older children. This led him to what he is today - a ruthless power with antiquated ideas of how the world should be. This leads into a direct conflict with Kate, the only child he did not raise. The different perspective between Kate and Roland in how the world should be is fascinating for me because I can see both sides. For comic book lovers, it is the same as difference as Batman version the League of Shadows. Some days I side with Kate; other days I side with Roland. Kate's issue with Roland's idea is in the execution. His means to an end is harsh, cruel and somewhat appealing.

Kate's daddy issues are real. Unlike the current popular daddy issue trend of first world problems, Kate's problems could bring about the death of many people she cares about and wants to protect. Kate's compassion in this story is tested as she grows in power. Her fear of becoming like her father is always on her mind. Her power rides her several times and each time, she loses a bit more faith in her control and intentions. This is an intriguing quandary as Kate becomes introspective and tries to distance herself from her loved ones. The way Ilona Andrews creates the complexity in the characters is magical. They weave every day common issues and take it to another level. Yet the issues do not feel contrived or melodrama. Instead, quandary creates a richness in the story which pulls readers into the book. The compromises the characters must make in order for a greater common good shows how strong characters will accept the consequences of their actions. They review their actions and the impact it will have on themselves and others. This type of character reflection is rare and done without coming across as preachy.

The plot and pace of this book is fantastic. It is clear Kate is focused on preventing a future she has foreseen. Keeping others in the dark is interesting because it shows how Kate can be fallible. She is reverting to her old behaviour of being a lone soldier. She does this when she is stressed and it comes across so clearly how despondent she is becoming as her world threatens to shatter. The hits just keep on coming for Kate and yet she does not fold. She digs in and continues to fight a seemingly hopeless battle. This grim book could be all gloom and doom yet it is balanced expertly with comedic humour. Ilona Andrews excels in bringing light into dark and this book is another perfect example of their craftsmanship. Between Kate and Curran's wedding preparations and aftermath of Kate's cutting verbal sparring with her father, it breaks the bleak tension and brings a bit of joviality into the tale. Every scene and dialogue in this book is needed to create a tightly written fantastical tale of a family feud. I loved every bit of it. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy complex plots, a magical world and characters of questionable sanity.
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Carol Cardona said…
Less than a day to wait. Your review has me drooling. I plan (happily) to lose sleep tonight. Waiting for the midnight drop to my Nook. Thanks for the review.

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