Review: Many Blessings

Many Blessings Many Blessings by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Witches are not really my thing. If they are part of a story, I will read it. If they are the focus of the story, I am less interested. In this coffeeshop coven series, it is less magic and more psychic. This can be read without reading Out of the darkness but it would help to lean about the pivotal event which kicks this story off.

Mandaline is a witch who does not seem to cast any spells. Instead, she is a tarot card reader and paranormal specialist. She basically for free, tries to either puts a ghost to rest or debunks the paranormal activity. Her job is completely foreign to me as it is for two men she meets - Ellis and Brad. These two best friends are looking for help to explain the gloom Brad is experiencing. Mandaline is up for the task even if she does not feel ready to take them both on as lovers.

This story is less about paranormal and more about healing. The sexual healing is particularly arousing. Ms. Dalton showcases a hawt v triad ménage with full on sexy time. The exuberance these three show as they break their dry spell is awe inspiring. The sex scenes may not contain kink but it certainly is not vanilla. For kinky fans of Ms. Dalton, this may be too sexually tame. For ménage lovers, this erotic tale contains it all - great characters, chemistry, plot and world building.

The characters in this book is what pulls a reader in. Mandaline is a strong female who easily shows her strengths and vulnerabilities. Each of the characters are created with this realistic balance. This kind of character building is appealing because it makes the characters more relatable. In addition, it becomes more real and a reader becomes more vested in the storyline. I become invested as I root for the romance to succeed.

After reading this book, I immediately want to read the next. For those who have not read this series yet, this will be a treat to read one right after another. This erotic romance is recommended for ménage readers who enjoy a bit of suspense and the paranormal.

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