Review: Night and Day

Night and Day Night and Day by Iris Johansen
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

When a Russian Mafia princess is spoiled - beware. In this latest book in the series, it is a page turner. This starts off right after the last book. This book does need to be read in order. It is best to read Shadow Play, then Hideaway prior to reading this story because it will make more sense. This three book arc focuses on Cara Delaney and her family. First her sister Jenny appears, then her mother and father's story is revealed. Her grandfather, whom she has never met, is now interested in seeing her. Flown against her will to Russia, Cara walks on eggshells as her mother blackmails her into obedience. Her grandfather is a powerful man who lives by a certain code of ethics. Is it legal? Debatable based on what one consider what is legal and what should not be.

The pace of this tale moves slow at first. As we learn more about Cara's unknown family ties, it is clear that Cara's mother has only one specific interest. The sheer cruelty and negligence from mother to daughter is laid out in high definition. It is appalling, especially when contrasted with how much Eve wants to protect Cara. The ruthlessness in this book is what made it appealing for me. I like how brutal the different factions fight against each other. There are no safe rooms or political correctness here. This is the world where only might makes right. The power struggles and the backstabbing is as expected and chillingly written.

I enjoyed the character development as well as the multi-thread storyline. Ms. Johansen does a marvelous job of weaving together several story lines. This helps move the story along faster as we learn more about the past, present and what the future may hold. Ms. Johansen's storytelling is captivating and each one of the books in this series just gets better and better. The character growth and development of Eve is a pleasure to see. What is more endearing is all the people she has met and how they become part of her circle of friends. This world of Eve's keeps growing and her life is always interesting. At first I thought once Bonnie's mystery was solved, the series should end. I was so wrong. Ms. Johansen keeps the storyline fresh and exciting. I look forward to every book about Eve and her friends. In this one, whilst it ends a three book arc, it plants a little seed of what will come next. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Johansen brings to life. It will be filled with action, suspense, characters of questionable nature and a bit of romance. She brings it all in this series. This book is recommended to suspense readers who enjoy a little element of romance plus a treasure to be found.

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