Review: No Master

No Master No Master by Christine d'Abo
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The series is addictive. Why stop at one when there are several books in this tasty series? This is the third one and can be read as a standalone. Zain is a formidable right hand man of one of the most feared pirates, Korbin. Zain is on a mission to rescue his friend. Several of them escaped slavery and keep an eye on each other. They all have bounties on their head as Zain's former master doesn't let anyone leave him unless sold or dead.

Zane is no longer a frightened and desperate slave. He still doesn't want anyone in his new life know about his past, especially his sexy captain. Going on a suicide mission is probably not the best way to keep the past under wraps. When Korbin hunts down Zane and uses a special device to keep tabs on him, there will be hell to pay. Zane will have one sore ass.

This story set up is interesting and pulls me in. The characters are admirable, sexy and just a little bit deviant. The erotic power exchange between Zane and Korbin is sexy hot. It borders on dub-con which makes it that much hotter. Ms. d'Abo does diety kinky sex so well. The chemistry between the two men is delicious.

The plot of thus story seems to be building this world more. With hidden agendas, kidnapping, enslavement and sadistic crime lords, this tale moves at a god pace. After whipping through this book, a reader will want to read the next. This space opera is recommended to kinky m/m readers who like the dark edge of dub- con.
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