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Rhymes With Orange Rhymes With Orange by Tymber Dalton
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With the popular tv series Orange is the New Black, this book may make people think it has to do with prison or with Tilly finally getting locked up when she beats an asshat to death. It is actually neither. Instead, orange is in reference to how nothing rhymes with orange. Orange is completely unique which describes Danielle's relationship. Just when I thought Ms. Dalton could not make a more complicated relationship, she throws this complex foursome at the readers. I might need a diagram to draw it out. Danielle is interested in Coop. He is interested in her. He is into kink, she is kind of into kink and will explore with him. However, Coop comes as a package deal with another two. Coop is straight, and yet he Tops/dominates Hunter who is in a relationship with Todd. Did I mention Hunter and Todd are gay? And they both crush on Coop, even when they know he has a girlfriend. When a relationship needs to put two different people as the "top priority" depending on whose allocated time slot, it makes for headaches and hurt feelings. Honestly, whilst this story did an excellent job of showing how it can be done, the reality of it is, jealousy will rear its ugly head. And Coop is a greedy bastard because he gets his cake and eats it too. Whilst everyone may think Danielle and Hunter are competing for the primary relationship slot, it really is Coop who is in the primary focus as everyone has to revolve their life around him. I get that a poly can work. This setup is just asking for trouble especially as Coop has very definite boxes each person belongs in. Fortunately, Ms Dalton is able to make this multiple partner relationship work. It is a balancing act which takes a few tries to get working right. Even then, miscommunications happen. With the added family stress from Hunter's side of the house, it only adds to the drama. Luckily, one person's weakness becomes a another person's strength. The way each of them help each other out and they develop their own connection with each other makes for a strong web of love. This is what makes the story so good and the poly work. This kinky erotica is for readers who think, why stop at three? Why not have more? Try four!

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