Review: Shameless

Shameless Shameless by Gina L. Maxwell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stripper - boy who won't grow up. Chance went through his rebellious stage never left it. Scorned by a woman who looked down upon stripping, he is only interested in one thing… making women feel good and then making a quick exit. Does Chance have commitment issues? You betcha. When Jane's best friend hires a plumber to fix her piping, Chance shows up instead of certified plumber. Whilst Chance is handy and can fix a clogged sink, he's more interested in Jane's dry spell and flushing her plumbing with high levels of endorphins. Jane is not interested in a one night stand, but something about Chance just trips her trigger. This sexual tango starts off with a bang and heads straight for a train wreck.

I enjoyed this story despite wanting to smack Chance upside the head. He's a hypocritical asshat with a chip the size of a boulder on his shoulder. Jane is too good for him. She is mature, able to communicate and just a lovely person. Chance's hang-ups only makes him take it all out on her. He isn't good enough for her. The conflict in this story may feel contrived but really, it's all to plausible with boys who don't want to give up their toys or let others play with ones they toss away.

The sex in this story is a bit too tame for me so I ended up skimming through it. The chemistry between Chance and Jane is good. The setup of these young and fit males stripping for money and fun is well done. It reminds me of the second movie Magic Mike XXL. The males in this book respect women and love to show them a good time. This is sexy and a feel good book. Ms. Maxwell is a new author to me and I enjoyed her writing style and character development. This erotic romance is recommended for those who like sexy bad boys that grow up into smoking hot lovers.

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