Review: Universes Collide

Universes Collide Universes Collide by Keiko Alvarez
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Dive into the erotic mind of Ms. Alvarez and you will never want to leave. If I want to read something bizarre and indescribable, she is my go to author. Her sex scenes are hot and diety, just how I like it. Her characters in the short stories are a bit one dimensional and that is okay. These stories are not character driven. Not sure if they are plot driven either. More like an acid trip world building that entices and amuses. It is a fresh look at how we see the world and our reality.

In this story, Jack is slipping between realities. His wife may be the same name, but radically different in ethnicity, body shape and personality. There is also a "good" vs "bad" Jack. Ruth, his wife also has a good and bad. When the world's collide, the characters scramble and for a much more compatible permutation. This fast erotic read is recommended to those who enjoy an erotic twilight zone theme.
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