Review: Unraveled

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Unraveled by Jennifer Estep
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Giddy-up cowboys and cowgirls, it is time for a side trip to the wild wild west. After the terrible fiasco with Finn's mother, another blow hits him. She left him her theme park, Bullet Pointe. Needing some downtime to overcome the consequences of Finn's blind faith in his mother, this looks to be the perfect time to check out the theme park. Upon arrival, it is immediately apparent there is more than meets the eye. Is it just me or does trouble follow Gin? She can not seem to go anywhere without death, destruction and betrayal. Are we sure Gin isn't the cause instead of the focal point? Musing aside, this story continues the arc about this hidden group of elite movers and shakers.

More pieces to Gin's past is revealed and it is starting to show a slightly tainted version of Gin's dead mother. Although, the motivations behind Gin's mother is becoming rather apparent too - blackmail and threats. I hope this conspiracy arc starts to pick up more. It is moving rather slowly in the past few books. This one feels as though we are finally getting an overall picture instead of just quick glimpses of what lead up to Gin's family's destruction. There is a ton of action which does keep this story hopping. It is puzzling to me how Gin is taken down so often and somehow still manages to cling onto life. It truly shows how being known instead of anonymous puts a real cramp into an assassin's lifestyle. After reading this story, I'm eager to read the next book. Ms. Estep breathes magic into this series with intrigue and engaging characters. Highly recommended to urban fantasy readers.

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