Review: Cast in Flight

Cast in Flight@msagara #mustread #buythisbooknow #bookreview an out of body experience which leaves a reader reeling when the story ends
Cast in Flight by Michelle Sagara
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

An action packed mystery filled with betrayal and tempered with loyalty, Ms. Sagara seduces me again with a late night reading. I eagerly await for each new book in this series. I love this complex world filled with magic, politics, intrigue, conflicting priorities and unending loyalty. Kaylin is once again in the middle of a scandal. Or it could be deemed as a drama. Kaylin cuts through the red tape and wants to just "do the right thing". Per her usual modus operandi, she pisses off people way above her pay grade. Her lack of grace and ability to navigate the political waters of every single species in this world is amazing. She is a hundred percent accurate at stepping on toes and calling attention to herself. Why is this? Is it because she lacks maturity as some characters point out? Is she a willful child who disregards other people's customs because it does not fit her world view? It is a little bit of this. I propose it is more that at the heart of it, she wants to fix things.

Kaylin is a fixer and she can't bear to see anyone she considers a friend in pain. Her latest friend in need is Moran dar Carafel. Moran is an outcast and a savior in her world. Seeing from Kaylin's perspective, it is hard to understand. The reader follows along with Kaylin's frustrated attempts at helping and only making it worse. How can it be worse? Oh… getting the only female dragon alive nearly blown up is probably considered a faux pas. It is almost comical how much trouble Kaylin finds herself in. And the funny part is that she is trying to avoid trouble and never seems to be able to get away from it. Kaylin does not believe in the status quo. She wants to challenge everything. Perhaps she has an issue with authority. This is probably why I love her, as I can relate. I love how this story continues to build complex layers and provides mysteries to solve at the same time.

Ms. Sagara's writing ability is off the charts. She is able to consistently keep Kaylin focused on her real job and yet solve other side problems that tie to her job. Ms. Sagara's world building is brimming with opposing cultural paradigms fighting to live side by side in an uneasy truce. The characters are richly created with amazing back stories that tie all the pieces together into a vivid landscape. Ms. Sagara is truly an artist in her storytelling voice. Her plots pull a reader in and hold them frozen in place until they see through to the end of the book. The imagery in this story is in high definition and I can clearly see every scene as if I were standing there with the characters. It is more than a movie playing through my mind. Her stories are an out of body experience which leaves a reader reeling when the story ends. Ms. Sagara hits all my pleasure buttons when she pens a story and I am always left yearning for more. Her stories are an addiction I will never want to kick. This high fantasy story is highly recommended to readers who enjoy thought provoking stories with heavy concepts, intrigue and the underdog fighting for her life.

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