Review: The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland

The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland by J. Blackmore
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Suffering submissives and seductive sadist abound in this erotic-fest. Warning, this book is not for the prude or the romantic. This book is smuttastic shenanigans for those who enjoy everything kinky. For those who think this is a romantic fairy-tale retold, move along. For hedonist who enjoy twisted sex with anthropomorphized animals, this is the book for you.

Most of the stories in this collection are right up my alley. The tales are depraved and creative in the way the author sexualize characters and scenes from Alice in Wonderland. A special nod to the Wasp in the Wig was a delight to read. Some of the stories are highly eroticized with vivid imagery which provides excellent fapping material. Others are a bit more out there, like the Walrus and the Carpenter using pot and LSD. There is a wide range of fetishes explored in this collection. Each story is well crafted with the intent to provoke a heated response from the reader.

There are some rather taboo fetishes featured in this collection so for those who only enjoy kinky romances with dominants in a members only club or a bit of handcuff fun, this may be a bit over the top. For those who are jaded, comme moi, this is a joy to read. I did feel a little like Alice, falling down through a rabbit hole and not sure where I would end up. Each story is lovingly crafted with nary an introduction. There is no foreplay for the most part. It is diving straight into bondage, whipping, flogging, sort of animal sex and orgies galore. It does help to have read some of Alice in Wonderland to grasp the nuances. If one does not know the Cheshire cat, the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and the Pansies to name a few, these tales may miss the iconic references. Still, each of the erotic tales can be savoured in bite size pieces or devoured quickly one after another with relish. After reading this collection, I am intrigued to see what other well-loved classics Ms. Blackmore twists for reader's salacious cravings. This wicked erotic collection is highly recommended to jaded sexual deviants who want try something different.

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