Review: Curse on the Land

Curse on the Landcaptivating and weaves a spell to lure a reader into this magical world #mustread #bookhangover @hunterfaith 
Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Buy this book now and read it. The second book in this series is captivating and weaves a spell to lure a reader into this magical world. Ms. Hunter's world building becomes better and better with each book she writes. This book could be read as a standalone but it is so much better if read in the order of the series. Nell is back and this time, she is gainfully employed with PsyLED instead of an auxiliary consultant. Fresh out of training at the academy, Nell is exhausted and concerned about her home. There is a malignant cancerous growth in her woods and she does not know how to fix it. It is just one of the many issues she needs to juggle.

I loved this book. This is a page turner and solidly located in my favourite book collection. After reading it through the first time, I must have re-read it again about ten times within a month. Why? Because this world Ms. Hunter builds is attractive in its dangerous beauty. This world which intersects Jane Yellowrock's explores the fae side. It also features religion as well as the perspective from the law enforcement side. Whilst Jane tends to come across as more a vigilante superhero, Nell is a woman of faith who intends to enforce and uphold the law. I admire both characters for their uniqueness and what they bring to the table. What I love most about Nell is her seemingly simplistic ways which cuts through the noise and gets at the heart of the matter.

Ms. Hunter creates an excellent backdrop for Nell with her reconciliation with her religious family as she moves into the "heathen" world. Nell's uncommon perspective based on her life experiences allows her to think out of the box. With her strong convictions of what is right and wrong, Nell is not easily swayed to toe the line. She is a giver who will do her best to give people what she believes they need instead of wants. This slight distinction is what makes Nell so special.

I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple subplots going on in this tale. Ms. Hunter is layering in motives and planting seeds for future plot development and I am excited. It is exciting to try and predict where the storyline will go and how the different threads will tie together. Ms. Hunter stimulates my mind as the possibilities emerge. She keeps me guessing which is appealing. This story is a journey to be experienced over and over. The characters are engaging and the world is breathtaking. Nell's job keeps the story lively and pace moving. Reader beware, this book may leave a reader feeling intoxicated and at its conclusion, leave a reader with a severe case of book hangover. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy strong heroines who try to do the right thing in the face of adversity.

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