Review: Dangerously Charming

Dangerously Charming Consider me charmed by this dangerously taciturn anti-hero, Mikhail Day #mustread @deborahblake
Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Consider me charmed by this dangerously taciturn anti-hero, Mikhail Day. Ms. Blake kicks off another stunning series, the Broken Riders. This is a spin-off of her Baba Yaga series. This book can be read without reading the other series. Word of caution, reading this book first will most likely cause a reader to scramble and read the other series too. In this series, we learn more about these mysterious and sexy riders. Mikhail is the first brother to be featured.

Due to Mikhail's White Knight syndrome, he tried to save the wrong damsel in distress and ended up nearly costing the lives of his brothers. There are additional ramifications which the stories explores. The point is, Mikhail is badly shaken and he is now experiencing a crisis of faith as well as identity. His question of faith has nothing to do with religion and all to do with himself and what he can do. After centuries of doing the same thing over and over again and being near invincible, his new status in life makes him question everything. When a new damsel in distress literally knocks on his door, he is hesitant to help.

This tale is a wonderful journey for Mikhail to realize his new direction. The character growth for him is lovely to witness. He becomes a more complex character with more layers. His interactions with cursed human, Jenna, is hysterical. Even with this somber dark backdrop, Ms. Blake employs a fabulous comedic timing. Jenna is that proverbial monkey wrench that throws everyone's plan into a disarray. I love Jenna. She is a feisty character who is determined to fix a problem plaguing her family line. This plot device really worked for me and I loved how Jenna's problem pulls Mikhail out of his self-pity funk. His anti-social ways and broken down attitude slowly turns around and morphs him back to hero status. Loved it! There are so many different little gems Ms. Blake places into this story which is appealing. Cameo appearances for Baba Yagas and the Fae court are all a delight. This book is a must read. After finishing reading this rich colourful world, returning to reality is a letdown. I eagerly anticipate the next book in the series. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy quests which involves a hero and heroine fall in love whilst they work to bring down a spiteful witch.

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