Review: Deadly Silence

Deadly Silence
Writing style is smooth & polished. The chapters flow from one to the next, enticing a reader to just read one more chapter @RebeccaZanett
Deadly Silence by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blown away, new to me author, Ms. Zanetti is one I will be intently watching. I will covet her books as "my precious". On a lark, I picked up this book when a publisher contacted me. Ms. Zanetti's name is unique enough that I recognized it even. Not expecting much, I cracked upon the first page and then proceeded to read through the night. Word of caution. Only start this book when there is plenty of time to enjoy it, not when it is thirty minutes before bedtime. Several hours later, blurry eyed, mind whirling and cruising on an adrenaline high, I finished this book and wanted the next book in the series.

What pulled me in? The writing style. Ms. Zanetti's writing style is smooth and polished. The chapters flow from one to the next, enticing a reader to just read one more chapter. This page turner falls into a genre which is right up my alley. If you like conspiracy theories, covert military experimentation and men with painful past, this story is for you. I loved Ryker Jones. He is the kind of male character I always fall hard for because he is loyal and a protector. He wants to protect people and he wants to protect the few people he considers family. He is a survivor of a horrible abusive childhood and it made him into this caring and strong man. I love this kind of set up and it never gets old for me. I liked Zara too. Zara is the friend everyone wished they had. She does what she can to help a friend in need.

This story could be so predictable. And in some parts it is a bit predictable. In other parts, Ms. Zanetti pulls the rug right out from under me. A few of the twists and turns are nicely placed in. One I kept hoping wasn't going to be true only to have Ms. Zanetti bash me with a reality that I didn't want to see. The way the characters are not fully bad or good is what intrigues me. Each of the characters, even the heinous characters have a reason to their madness. Ms. Zanetti does not place her judgment on them. Instead, she creates characters for the reader to decide for themselves.

There is a bit of erotic sex in here and for me, it was too tame. Granted, I'm a jaded BDSM reader so pretty much 90% of sex scenes are tame and boring for me. For those who enjoy sexual tension and an alpha male who needs a woman's love, there is plenty of it here. The chemistry between Zara and Ryker is good. Ryker's bonds with his brother are more of interest to me. This first book in the series starts off with a bang and sets up for the next book. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I eagerly anticipate for it to fall into my greedy little paws. This romantic suspense with a bit of sci-fi twist is highly recommended.

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