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Deductions Deductions by Lyn Gala
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The Romance Review

How have I just read this book now? Always a fan of Ms. Gala's stories, this new to me series is one I love.

In this urban fantasy with a bit of m/m romance, the story pulls me in hard and fast. Darren is a "mundane" who works in a special unit within the FBI. This unit contains all people with magic, except for him. He's the only human and tends to be a liaison because humans don't trust "others". Darren excels at his job but there is just one problem. He has a crush on his boss, Kavon Boucher. Because of the way shamans can drain the life of a human through their magic, Kavon has cut him down and ended a relationship that was just starting.

This would all be fine if a newbie didn't join the team and completely disrupt the team dynamics. The conflicts in this story are more than just relationship based. Whilst there is a bit of jealousy and catty bitch fighting between two guys over another guy, the main plot is about magic and how it is not as everything thinks it should be. Darren's sudden explosion into the magical life breaks all the previously determined rules and understanding. He's an anomaly that hints back to a darker secret about when magic was more plentiful.

Ms. Gala creates a magical world where I want to learn more. This first book frames the world very well and gives it room to grow. The characters are intriguing and well developed. What I liked most is how the magical world integrates with the cop world. The romance part of this story is just so-so for me. I get the chemistry between Darren and Kavon. I just don't feel it. What I feel more are their spirit guides/animals interacting. I love Kavon's bull. His bull is more interesting to me with its antics. I love how magic is explained and used in this story. The spirit plane is also intriguing.

This series starts off with a bang and hooks a reader in for the next book. Recommended for m/m readers who enjoy mystery, magic and mayhem.

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