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Her Halloween Treat
friends to lovers theme with a holiday motif @tiffanyreisz @HarlequinBooks

Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A heartbreak, a rebound and a love declaration are more than enough for Joey Silvia. This woman is pulled in too many directions for her to think straight. Her two year relationships she's invested in, turns out to be so different than she expected. There is a reason why surprise visits rarely go over well. Licking her wounds, Joey travels to Oregon several days earlier than planned for her brother's wedding.

This love story kicking off in a train wreck is captivating because it is a little too frequent in real life. Readers cannot help but want to know what will happen. Ms. Reisz takes a situation and exposes it in full colour. What I liked about this, is Joey's perspective and how heartbroken she is for being duped. The reader becomes sympathetic and outraged for Joey. We are like Joey's best friend, Kira. We root for her to take on the sexy handyman, Chris Steffensen. When Chris adds in a little bit of his dominance during sexy times, it rocks this story into smoking hawt erotica.

I enjoyed this romance because it is messy, complicated and so realistic. Whilst it is easy to be angry at Ben and feel he is in the wrong, Ms. Reisz throws in a little bit of information at the end. This makes all the difference in the world for me. Not that it excuses what Ben did, but it did explain what went down and I feel a little pity for Ben. Still, my favourite in this story is Chris. He is a man who grew up. He made mistakes and now he has his life turned around and he is in a great place. His interactions with Joey are sweet and tender. He is definitely a dreamy McHandyman. Where does a reader order one of these handyman up: 1-hot-hndi-man?

The internal conflicts Joey experiences adds a layer of richness to this story. Her quandary between work and personal life is a universal condition many can relate to and debate. By having Joey walk through and weigh her options, it allows readers to vicarious live through it and maybe even apply it to their own life. Ms. Reisz excels in character creations. This trilogy of holiday romances starts out as a delicious treat. Looking forward to her next two books. Recommended for romance readers who enjoy friends to lovers theme with a holiday motif.

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