Review: The Master's Toy

The Master's Toy The Master's Toy by Jason Walker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Screwing up has never been so good as it has been for Ashley Wallace. Ashley makes the mistake of running over a person's lawn and totally ripping up their sod. She is not able to pay for it through money, but she does meet the home owner who has a very different offer for her. No, it isn't sex for repayment but it is pretty darn close. Daniel and Evangeline are in a TPE which is not unfamiliar to Ashley. When they make her an offer to become a toy for them, she leaps at the chance.

This story is a little over the top and a lovely fantasy. For those who want a sexy threesome and the ultimate revenge upon a mean girl, this book is for you. For me, it was a bit too hokey at times and I may have rolled my eyes more than once. Still, I enjoyed the book. Mr. Walker is a new to me author who writes out the fantasies women tend to have in their mind when they are just daydreaming.

Who wouldn't want a millionaire to bring them into their close circle of friends, rising them up from the brink of poverty? Who wouldn't want a new home which is totally out of their means along with a brand spanking new job and a luxurious new car? There are all hallmarks of a dream for a sugar daddy. I confess when I was in my teens, I had these wishful dreams too. Which is why I ended up enjoying where Mr. Walker took me in this BDSM romantic fantasy where a woman is swept off her feet and lives the good life.
Daniel comes off as a perfect rich dominant. He is the kind naive females dream about. His brand of BDSM is a nice blend of fantasy and reality. Some of the things he does to Evangeline are spot on. Others are an exaggerated author's creative license. One thing that bugged me about him was the locks of hair he cut off of Evangeline. This really irked me and I neared ended the book there with a did not finish. However, I pushed through and Mr. Walker redeems his character at the end with a nice twist. Daniel turns out to be not that perfect, which I like. The hero worship he receives from Evangeline and Ashley was too much for me though. I wanted to gag several times as they went over the top in almost romantic prose about how domly dom he is compared to the lessor mortals fawning at his feet. None could compare to his majestic kingly state. All he needs is a crown and a gold riding crop to rule over all the little kinky people. As I said, some of the story was a bit exaggerated which produced unintentional hilarious moments for me.

What I think some people will like is the plotting to bring about the destruction of a nasty person. This is something I think many people can relate to and enjoy witnessing. Is it a juvenile pipe dream? Most definitely, but this is a fun story where it seems to just "all work out". Overall, this is a BDSM fantasy which tickles some kinky fantasies as well as pushes some pet peeves. It is a fun read and recommended to kinky readers who enjoy erotica with a vengeful twist.

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