Review: My Addiction

My Addiction My Addiction by Cassie Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Erotic, suspenseful and sweet, Ms. Ryan is a new to me author who catches my attention. This is the second book in her series. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book and I was just fine. This book can be read as a standalone. My guess is the first book would help with some of the characters mentioned in this book.

With exclusive club membership, this type of story immediately hits my glitterkink category. With an impressive description of the second high end club in Phoenix, this is definitely glitterkink all the way. Let's start with the BDSM aspect to this book. Ms. Ryan's BDSM is well researched. Based on how the club is designed and the scenes, my guess is that Ms. Ryan is not in the lifestyle. All this means is that this kinky book will be sweet with a bit of rosy coloured glasses effect. The compare and contrast between the two clubs and how dominants "should" be is pretty typical of how most perceive the lifestyle. What is sad to say is that reality is in between the two types and probably leaning closer to the LA club example. The BDSM scenes in the story are more or less accurate. Both the good and bad scenes are technical accurate as they are possible to renact. For those who are new to kink, this is a good book to spark more interest and lure a reader to the kinky side of life.

From a character perspective, this book is engaging as the characters are likable. Kate Fretwell is a submissive in the high end club catering to powerful men. She is an admirable character with spunk. She represents what many submissives yearn for and she works a job that is plausible. The rich part is a bit of a stretch, but this is L.A. not the Midwest. Kate reaction to Dex, an undercover FBI agent is electric. The dynamic between the two is silky smooth and honey sweet. What is most attractive about this erotic romance is how Dex provides aftercare to Kate. This is the rosy coloured glasses part which is so fun to read and enjoy. In reality, after the first couple of aftercare sessions, a lot of dominants start to leave it off or skimp. This is not to say all do this, just that most are not as fabulous as Dex. I really wish I had a Dex aftercare session because I'm lucky if I even get a cuddle or a drink of water.

The suspense in this story is light and easy to guess. This story is more erotic than it is suspense filled. The mystery is easily solved and the plot development is a bit rough. The case came together a bit too easily. Still, it did add a nice element to the story and enhanced the dynamic between Kate and Dex. This erotic romance is recommended as a BDSM Gateway book.

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