Review: Night Watch

Night Watch Night Watch by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kendra is back and stronger than ever. This story takes us back to the beginning with flashbacks of Kendra when she was a blind teen with no hope of seeing. When her determined mother forces an experimental procedure to be used on her, it allows her to see. The leading scientist to help bring sight into her eyes is Dr. Charles Waldridge. His research which is part of the Night Watch Project in merry ole England is supposed to help the world become a better place. When he visits Kendra out of the blue in California, her spidey scenes go into overdrive.

I love Kendra. This character is so well designed and I love how observer she can be with all her senses. Ms. Johansen does a marvelous job of creating a plausible character through existing science and a bit of fringe science. Kendra is a multifaceted intriguing character who inspires me to do better and to observe more. She is thankful of every day she can see and appreciates even the littles things. Her cognitive abilities are off the chart. She is an over achiever whom makes me want to do more and strive to be better. I love her character and each time I read about her, I am more impressed. This time around, she further demonstrates her loyalty to friends. She is not perfect and I also enjoy that about her. She is human in the same way as we are with relationships. She creates strong friendships and she also is leery of romantic entanglements. It is quite amusing to watch her be fox to Adam Lynch's hound. She leads him on a merry chase which only brings exhilaration and excitement. The sexual tension in this tale is well done and I enjoy how Ms. Johansen continues to build and tease the reader with it.

This lengthy novel is to be savoured like a fine wine as the reader follows along in this suspense thriller. Chasing down the reasons why Charles is kidnapped and saving him makes this story action packed. It moves fast and keeps me engaged. This is a page turner which is physically painful to put down the book when it is time to work. It is best to set time aside to read this book from beginning to end, otherwise any interruptions make cause the reader to become a growly monster. Ms. Johansen's writing gives a reader the shotgun seat, riding along with Kendra and Adam as they solve this mystery. The emotions invoked in this story are sharp and real. The anxiety Kendra feels as she is searching desperately for Charles leaps off the pages. Ms. Johansen is a masterful storyteller who captures the reader's attention and holds them in thrall until she deems time for release. This story is so good that after I finished reading it, I immediately started reading it again to re-live some of the highlights. This is one of my favourite books in this series' universe. I cannot wait to see what new adventures Kendra will take us on. One only hopes Adam will continue to appear and woo her with his special mercenary connections and skills. This book is highly recommended to everyone for reading. It can be read as a standalone.

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