Review: Oh Joy Sex Toy, Vol. 3

Oh Joy Sex Toy, Vol. 3 Witty, comical and educational, Erika Moen brings another well illustrated sex positive book to print @ErikaMoen
Oh Joy Sex Toy, Vol. 3 by Erika Moen
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Witty, comical and educational, Erika Moen brings another well illustrated sex positive book to print. Had I know this was a kickstart, I would have put money down for the kickstart. I would love to own this album in paper. This is a wonderfully illustrated book detailing about different types of sex and sex toy reviews. This did tend to feel more like a book on sex toy reviews, but they were interesting. I liked how the review was presented and Ms. Moen made sex really fun and less intimidating.

The illustration style is attention grabbing in a soothing way for me. I thought I'd have issues because I loathe the colour pink. This entire book seems to be fifty shades of pink. Oh the horror! Still, I made it through with their clever observations and frank opinions. Several of the toys they featured I own or have been considering so it was pretty cool to see them reviewed and with pictures. That is what I liked most. They also mentioned a book I've read, The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality. Their take on it was quite different than mine.

What I enjoyed most out of this book in addition to the amazing illustrations is some of their word phrasing.

Your posterior will feel cheerier with this toy that is Superior for your anal interior! p. 165

One can't help but be amused by their silliness at times. They put the fun into sex. Nothing is taboo. That being said, for those who are just learning about sex and have not learned about different alternative lifestyles, this may be a complete shock to the system. There is a fair amount of wearing strap-ons and dildos by women. Some of it is for aesthetics and others are for pegging or giving it to a woman hard. So buyer beware, this may be a bit much for a beginner to sex.

It does seem Erika Moen and her partner receive a lot of sex toys for review. What does one do with all these sex toys? They actually have in their house a dildo hutch to display all the toys and ones they do not really use too often. *dies a little from laughter* This is fabulous. If my home was bigger, I think I would do the same to all the toys I have that I no longer use.

The book ends around page 200 or so, but never fear, there are other featured artists for another 100 pages. Some of them are *meh*; others are noteworthy. Watersports by sicklyhypnos is way too cute. The explanation of watersports and the characters used for it were adorable. Devilish deal by incase, wowza! It is steamy hawt and sexy. It is the only story in this entire book that immediately kicked my arousal into high gear. Forest friends by Delidah is also one that is smexy and sweet. I leave with only one last thought, menstrual sponge by Dwam. I have never heard of this and frankly, I'm impressed. I kind of bring up this this new-to-me device to any female who bitches at me about "recycling" and reducing. I am inspired. I requested this book as a lark, not thinking much of it even though I knew of the author. After reading through this book, I am a fan and want to read the first two books. In addition, I'll be on the look out for any new books coming out from them using Kickstart. Recommended to everyone who wants to learn a bit more about sex that your parents never told you.

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