Review: Renegade Dragon

Renegade Dragon Renegade Dragon by Lolita Lopez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A dragon shifter in a rutting heat and forbidden apples eaten by a female thief, what could possibly go wrong? This is the fourth book in this series. Whilst it isn't recommended to read it as a standalone, it can be. Ms. Lopez does a good job of summarizing the different factions and the state of the dragon world.

This short shifter story features Niko Drakon and Eris Jones. Niko is one of the few remaining dragon shifters. He is a scientist as well as a protector of a special fruit bearing tree from the gods. Whilst testing one of his experimental drugs on himself, a human hybrid sneaks onto his property and irreverently plucks a golden apple of his tree. In a nonchalant manner, she takes a few bites and wanders through his property. Enraged, he goes after her. This is when it gets interesting.

The characters are in this story are simple to understand. Niko is a geeky yet sexy hawt dragon. Eris is the foolish and loyal friend. Eris is searching for Ivy and will not stop until she finds her. It is admirable if a bit naive as breaks into someone's home and then steals from them. Some may consider taking fruit off a tree not to be stealing. Which may be why the story's conflict feels too forced. Regardless of the apple eating scene, Niko and Eris's interaction is mostly a lust induced bonding. The insta-love is the standard in paranormal erotica. The chemistry between these two fizzled for me instead of sparked. I think it's because Eris grated on me. She's a bit annoying with her blundering. Niko just seemed sad for me. He's being persecuted by crazy racist killers and seems to be on the perpetual losing end.

The sex between these two characters is meh. There is a bit of rough play but overall, it's easy to skim over and keep reading to see what happens with the two are attacked. If there was dragon sex in the sky, that may kick it up a notch. Alas, the sex is the standard alpha male bellowing and feisty female wiggling her tush.

The pace of the story is fast as it quickly brings in misunderstandings, slaughter and psycho killers. The ending comes swiftly with a cliff hanger. For those who enjoyed the Grabbed series by Ms. Lopez, this one is a little different. There is less complexity, engaging characters and smexy kinky time. This story will appeal to dragon shifter lovers who enjoy erotica.

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