Review: Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Roadside Assistance by Marie Harte
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A gentle giant who should be known as the angry woman whisperer entices a human porcupine. The latest book in this series is another winner. Ms. Harte writes seductive love stories filled with real people in her contemporary romances. Foley Sanders is a mechanic who just likes to do his job. He tries to be patient with customers and co-workers alike. He lives a good life. He has a good job and a great boss. The other guys at the shop are friends. He shares an apartment with a guy he's known forever. The last thing he expects is to fall head over heels for an aggressive angry woman running the coffee shop next door. Cynthia Nichols is a prickly woman who returns to where her family resides after a couple of setbacks.

At first glance, it is hard to see why Foley would want to romance Cyn. She certainly doesn't roll out the welcome mat. Instead, she guards the door with a baseball bat ready to swing at any offensive comment or worse… stealing her customer parking for her coffee shop. I liked Cyn. As the reader gets to know her, I felt worse and worse for this accomplished woman. How many times in real life have we met these vivacious independent women with self-esteem issues? Worse, her issues stem from her mother's nasty comments that are meant to "help" not hurt. I'm truly appalled. I cried for Cyn as her mother cuts her deepest in unloving ways. The fact that her entire family is blind to the cutting remarks is even worse. And this is where Foley comes in.

He likes Cyn for who she is and likes her just the way she is. He sees a beautiful soul and is attracted to her. He helps her see herself in a different light. Just as Cyn helps Foley see himself in a different way. They open each other's eyes and this is what makes the story so sweet for me. These two characters bring out the best in each other. Their dating has ups and downs as family and friends interfere and support at the same time. Through it all, these two find out that they are great together and can start a new chapter in their life without leaving anyone behind.

The sex in this story is more sweet than burning the sheets hot. The chemistry between the Cyn and Foley is strong. This characters are so well developed, it is easy to visualize them and kind of wish they were real so that they can become friends. The story moves at a good pace with just enough sex and tension. The conflicts in this story are all too real and I like how one of them can't be fully resolved. This contemporary romance brings joy, sorrow, pain and happiness all together. Recommended for romance lovers who love a happily ever after.

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