Review: The Talented Mr. Rivers

The Talented Mr. Rivers The Talented Mr. Rivers by HelenKay Dimon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Being a criminal is all in the interpretation when it comes to Will Rivers. He is one of the remaining children of a crime lord. He's trying to find his footing after he escapes being killed. When Hunter finds him again, Will is sent into a tailspin. This open secret of Hunter being one of the good guys undercover as a bad guy is a bit amusing. It is a little side tangent which enhances the chemistry between Will and Hunter. For Hunter to be so by the book, especially with his tortured past and fractured family history, to move to the "dark side", it is quite a feat. Is Will's ass that enticing that he can convert Hunter to be bad?

This story is all sorts of messed up. Messed up as far as a train wreck in relationship and daddy issues. The dark story is filled with back stabbing, betrayals and questionable loyalties. Ms. Dimon clearly conveys how difficult it is live in this world. Who can be trusted? If someone protected you as a child, does it mean they will continue to do so when you are an adult? Is a person completely evil? There are no good guys here. There are just varying shades of not so bad. It is depressing to realize yet there is hope when Will and Hunter find love.

This story reminds me of the Bourne Identity movie series. It does have a lovely European feel which I enjoy. The action scenes keep the story moving along. The sex scenes are bittersweet as they start out sexy and end with a sour taste. This m/m romantic suspense is recommended for those who enjoy dark and angsty starcross lover themes.

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