Review: Wild

Wild Wild by Eve Langlais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This trio of erotic paranormal romance writers bring a delicious collection of smexy stories to life. Feeling a bit numb with all the books I have been reading, I picked up this book because I have had good experiences with Ms. Langlais. I hoped her book would pick me up out of my reading slump. She does not disappoint.

In Catch a Tiger by the Tail, Broderick is a tiger not to be messed with. This story is action packed and I am stunned with how much goes on in this novella. Ms. Langlais creates a fabulous world with engaging characters and a well written plot. The chemistry between the characters is smoking. The plot twists adds a nice heat to the story. I loved it and after reading this story, I hoped there is more in this world.

The meat in this threesome sandwich is Wild Passions by Kate Douglas. I thought this would be another forgettable werewolf finding their soulmate story. Whilst this is the plot premise, it is much more. The story is so smoothly written. It is like a fine scotch, enjoyable down to the last sip. This sexy tale of wolves running an exclusive mountain resort should be savoured as the men heat up the sheets for these women. Makes me wish for a woman's weekend to find some sexy time with wolves who may want to share. The sex is primal. The characters are all well developed and fun. This story does pack a lot into a short period of time.

Not to be out done, Ms. Arthur is the one to bring it home in Her Perfect Mates. This one hits a bit harder because instead of just yearning and sexy time, this one incorporates sorrow and a bit of angst. This story connected with me more because it pulled out more emotion and I felt something for the characters, especially Malec. This is a moving story starting out in sorrow and ending with a happily ever after. It is sort of like a sour patch kid candy - starts out tart and ends in sweetness. With the ménage aspect, it only makes this story hotter.

This collection of three definitely kicked me out of my reading funk and brought me out of my ennui. The stories are vivid and the writers weave an erotic spell. Each of the stories is a winner which is not always the case in a collection or anthology. This erotic collection is highly recommended to all paranormal romance lovers.

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