Review: The Abduction

The Abduction The Abduction by Ester Lopez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Freshman book for Ms. Lopez starts out clean, focused and engaging. Adam Davis rushes to a crash site near his home in the woods. What looked like a plane is actually a space ship. Freaked out, he tries to get away only to stumble across a woman. He tries to warn her and drag her away from possible crazy aliens. Too bad she is one of the aliens and came in a second ship. Genesis may finally realize her goal for the past ten years. Dram, an intergalactic criminal trafficking in slaves is within her sights. She is not about to let him go. Too bad it is a case of mistaken identities.

For those who liked Guardians of the Galaxy, this contains similar concept but not campy or funny. Adam, our Starlord character is kidnapped from Earth and ends up working for the bad guys. In the process of traveling around the galaxy, he learns more about his past. His entire history is re-written and it blows his mind.

This space opera features a love story transcending species and culture. It seems the lack in communication between tentative lovers apprehensive about revealing their feelings is universal. Just as jealousy rears its ugly head when competition appears to steal the girl away. Personally, the interaction between Adam and Genesis did nothing for me. I didn't feel the chemistry. Both are rather young and perhaps my jaded viewpoint of life colours my perspective. This story felt more like a new adult book with two young lovers fighting their attraction whilst going on a rescue mission. The world building is a bit weaker than some I've read and better than others. The framework is good and builds a nice foundation for possible follow up books. My assumption is for at least one more book because Genesis's original goal still has yet to be obtained. Overall, a nice read with good action and a bit of sexy time. Recommended for romance readers who enjoy alien abduction turning into love themes.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.


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