Review: Black Planet: Dragon's Blood

Black Planet: Dragon's Blood Black Planet: Dragon's Blood by Belinda McBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How have I not read this series from the talented Ms. McBride? This revised version has my hook, line and sinker. I love the characters, not only because they are ASIAN! I love them because Ms. McBride creates broken characters who survive against all odds. In this series, Annie Tanaka is a cop who lives in a lawless zone, The Wharf. After barely recovering from an unsolved case, she is pulled back in when the serial killer returns. Shaken to her core, Annie knows she needs to end this creature but she isn't sure she can. The last time, the price was too high.

This story captures my attention immediately with the vivid description of Annie heading off to work. I purposely did not read the blurb so that I would come into this story with no preconceived notions. Reading Ms. McBride's books is like going to a restaurant and having a master chef prepare your meal without any input. At least, this is how I like to read her books. Because her books transport me away into another world and I love it. In this one, the world is in the future taking place on Earth. The build up in the hunt for this creature is enriched by a complicated relationship between Annie and her former partner. As the story progresses and a reader learns about their past, it only entices the reader more. Now I want to read every book in this series. The question is, will each one be revised or shall I read how they were published?

The story moves at a fast pace, including the sexual interlude. The rough sex with martial arts foreplay is hits me in my sweet spot. I can't help but be aroused. Ms. McBride pains a grim picture with a ray of hope. After reading this story, I immediately want to read the rest of them. This speculative fiction is recommended to those who enjoy a dystopian theme with kick ass martial arts.

* This story was gifted to my by the author


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