Review: Catch Me

Catch Me Catch Me by Alianne Donnelly
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

What happens after Snow White slays the wicked queen? It isn't rainbow and unicorns. Instead, there are still allies of the wicked queen who want to bring Snow White down. Readers may be scratching their heads wondering if perhaps there is a previous book. If this was a TV show, it feels like we are dropped in either season two or three. Ms. Donnelly charms the reader with this world and pulls us in quickly. The focus isn't Snow White; the focus is on Haig. Who is Haig? My guess, he is a character based on the seven dwarves.

Haig is a rough character who reminds me a little of mix between Tyrion and Jamie Lancaster from the Game of Thrones. Haig is a warrior with brains who hides his ability behind skirt chasing. There doesn't seem to be a single whore house in the kingdom, unvisited by horn-dog Haig. His reputation as a skilled lover is exemplary. This is good and bad. Because when a forever female catches his attention, she doesn't want anything to do with him. Aislin is the daughter of The Huntsman. She is fully aware of Haig's reputation and doesn't understand why Queen Snow would want to saddle him with her on an important mission. When these two characters come into contact, it is volatile.

This story flows in an even pace. It is almost like strolling through the woods and to Grandmother's house we go. At times, the story moves a little too slow for me. What keeps my interest is the world building. Ms. Donnelly's reinterpretation of Snow White's world fascinates me. I want to learn more about magic. I want to learn more about the different regions. I especially want to learn more about the seven rebels who supported Snow. Haig is one of them and he is impressive.

This tale is one of romance and for me it could have been left out. Whilst the chemistry between Aislin and Haig is fine, it didn't really do much for me. Since I am a jaded erotic reader, the sexual scenes were a bit bland for me. They were sweet and just right for these two. Maybe in future books in this series, the sex will heat up a little. I thought with a title of "Catch Me", there would be more primal hunting from Haig of Aislin as prey. Not so. It was more figurative and emotional than raw physical.

One last thing to note is the dedication at the beginning of this book. I rarely mention this because for the most part, it is the same. This one is more of an "up yours" and "nana nana boo boo" which made me chuckle. I can affirm that Ms. Donnelly did overcome the naysayers. This story captured my attention and I hope to read the next book in this series. Her story is spell binding. Recommended for romance readers who wonder if happily ever afters last. In this world, they do.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.


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