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Demon Seed
Why have I never read this story before? Read it now!  #Bookreview #TeamRyan #LoveRyanAusar @TymberDalton

Demon Seed by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why have I never read this story before? After reading the Triple Trouble series and seeing Ryan Ausar appearing over and over, I couldn't contain my curiosity. Who is this Ryan and what is his story? Why does he seem so sad? When the opportunity to pick up this series occurred, I snapped it up. With the story now published under Ms. Dalton instead of one of her other alter egos, this story totally hits my radar and I am in love with Ryan.

This story is not specifically about Ryan, yet it feels as if it is. The focus is on Kalyani Martin who is a preacher's kid. There are two ways a PK can go - either totally crazy rebellious or totally goodie two shoes. Kalyani aka Kal is the latter. She isn't holier than thou. She is a sweet kind hearted female who wants to live her life instead of being ordered to do what her father wants. She is following her dream to become a TV show producer. When the chance to work on a set for a cable company appears for her in Florida, she quickly packs her bags and heads down there from Ohio. Seriously though, who wants to live in Ohio? (Go BLUE! Boo to the Buckeyes!) I digress.

Kal's excitement for her new job is crushed when the main star clearly tells her he doesn't want her on the show or anywhere near him. Will Hellenboek is a jerk of the highest order. His treatment of Kal is hostile and completely unprofessional. Will has his reasons and sadly enough, in the real world his behaviour is common and the reasons are not as tragic as Will's reasons.

Ms. Dalton does a great job of setting up the conflict and developing the characters. The reader learns quite a bit about Will, Kal and Ryan. Even the secondary character, Aidan Faust, part of the triumvirate is well fleshed out. What pulls me in and is thought provoking is the world building. For those who are strong Christians, this story may be a bit too blasphemous. If this was even a couple of centuries ago, Ms. Dalton would have most likely been considered a heretic and burned at the stake as a witch. For those who find it amusing to reinterpret Heaven and Hell with a slightly Greek gods twist, this world works out well.

What really compels me to read on is Ryan's tragic past. This first book plants the seed of what happened and it does not look good. The torturous yearning for love lost and a love kept away is heartbreaking. An unending mourning where one cannot move on is devastating. Ms. Dalton wrings out the sorrowful emotions in this story. I want to immediately read the next book in the series. This paranormal romance is recommended for those who enjoy star-crossed lovers with an angst filled twist.

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