Review: Harey Situation

Harey Situation Harey Situation by Bailey Bradford
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The Romance Review

Light, sexy and punny, this erotic tale will bring a ray of sunshine to a gloomy day. New to me author Ms. Bradford brings a too cute and adorable sexy romance with delicious m/m shifter sex.

Oliver Biggerstaffer is a snake shifter. So many juvenile comments, all of them inappropriate to say out loud about this character and his er, "snake" abilities. He is escaping from a bad situation and ends up in Texas where he finds Peter Ruiz, a hare shifter. Yes, Peter rabbit who also embodies bunny characteristics.

I had to pick this story up because I couldn't stop chortling with the imagined B grade porn movie dialogues. "Wanna see my one-eyed snake?" "Yaasss, swallow my snake!" "I'm like the energizer bunny; I keep coming and coming and coming." I think Ms. Bradford specifically set this story up for this kind of snickering amusement. What impresses is how she deftly turns the tale into a hawt erotic romance. Make no mistakes, the sex in this story is smoking hawt. She creates two disarming characters who sneak up under our defenses and makes them irresistible.

Reading over 300 plus new erotic stores a year for the past five years, I have become jaded to sex scenes. There is very little which surprises me or catches my attention. Ms. Bradford's sexual shenanigans brings forth a joyful exuberance and has me riveted. The deferred gratification builds up the sexual tension between Oliver and Peter. Whilst this story could have been porn-driven, it isn't. Instead, there is a bit of suspense as well as a sweet courting between a gentleman to a spirited young man. The interaction between Oliver and Peter is without pretense. Peter's excitable sex drive is delightful. Peter's ease with his sexuality and his shifter characteristics helps bring Oliver to peace with his unique abilities.

This erotic romance is recommended for m/m readers who like different kind of shifters who revel in their sexuality.


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